Drivers' Corner - Layover CB Shop

Before I write this report, I must say this. These export radios are not supposed to be sold in the USA. The FCC considers them dual purpose radios. That means they work on both 10 and 11 meters. FCC rules relegate 11 meters or CB radios to 3.8 watts. Now that I have said this, I must also tell you that I don't sell them.

The newest Connex is listed as the 4300-300. One would assume that it does 300 watts. Wrong. More like 450 on AM. That makes this new Connex the biggest, baddest boy on the block.

It uses two 2030 FET transistors to drive four 2SD1446 finals. On a peak reading meter, it will surpass the 450 reading that we get with voice.

It doesn't have a frequency counter. Any real HAM would want a frequency counter. And the 40-channel readout is a dead giveaway that it is not intended for export for 10-meter HAMS. It is intended to be just what it is: one major over-powered CB radio.

The conversion from 10 meter to 11 meter takes five minutes and anyone can do it in the truck. If you want the biggest, baddest radio you can get for a truck, this new Connex is the one.

I would remiss if I didn't say again that these radios are illegal, and I don't recommend them to my customers.