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K40's New Antenna

By Stan Wells

K40 has introduced a new antenna. Well, actually, since K40 Antenna is now a part of D.A.S. it would be more correct to say D.A.S. has introduced a new K40 Antenna to compete with the Wilson 5000 Trucker.

In case no one has noticed, there is a war going on for the truck stop market regarding store merchandise. The two big boys on the block are Barjan and D.A.S. Barjan struck first by buying out Wilson CB Antenna followed closely by their purchase of Francis Antenna. Production of Wilson was moved from Utah to the Barjan plant in Illinois. The product has changed very little since the change in ownership. There is, however, a new twist to an old idea. The old Barjan Diesel Eagle products are now been packed with the Wilson name and logo in order to cash in on the Wilson name and history. Funny thing though, the ones mark Diesel Eagle look exactly the same as the ones marked Wilson that sell for a higher price. Coincidence? No, just a marketing strategy to make drivers think they are getting more for their money.

D.A.S. negotiated and purchased the rights to exclusively sell and manufacture K40 Antennas. As in the Cold Wars, D.A.S. has taken a step that usually takes two to three years to accomplish. They went to a manufacturer and purchased the molds for the original Cobra 6000 antenna and then wound a larger load coil to compete with the Wilson 5000 using the K40 design they already sell.

How did it test out? It turns out to be very easy to tune. No trimming of the stinger was required and the field strength meter showed it to have as much gain as the Wilson 5000, receiving a 4-watt signal from one mile away. We tested the antenna on top of a pickup using a 5" magnet mount. There was a discernable difference in receive between the two antennas however. Remember that funny thing that happened with Diesel Eagle Products? Yep, D.A.S./Road Pro Products are starting to show up labeled as K40, logo and all.

Someone once said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I guess it works with products as well as with people.

You make the choice. Whichever antenna works best for you is going to be the best one. Either one would be a good choice. Both are well-made antennas and both have a well-backed guarantee. Just remember, beauty is in the eye on the beholder. My opinion is whichever one you choose; it will be the best one for you.