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Fortune favors the prepared mind.
---Louis Pasteur

For whatever reason, I've heard versions of the same story several times over the past month.

"I wan't really even looking for a job, but this dedicated route came open I heard about over
at "XYZ Trucking". They were moving fast and asked for my "X" and I couldn't find it. Anyway, by
the time I got what I needed, they said they had the route filled."

There are several documents you should be able to lay your hands on quickly even if you are not looking
for a job. You should be at least somewhat prepared when an opportunity presents itself or, on the
other hand, you find yourself jobless.

You should be able to produce the following documents even if you're not looking for a job:

•Your Employment History with Dates of Service up to your current employment

You will need this information for the past 10 years for commercial driving employment. You will need
the past three years of all employment. That is what potential employers must verify. It is much better
to have the past 10 years of all employment.

Importantly, you should insure that your dates of service are accurate. It is also important to make
sure you don't have inaccurate information being reported by a previous employer and get it corrected
before the inaccurate information causes you to not get a job. A good way to start accomplishing both
of these goals is to get your DAC Report.

·An accident report If you have had an accident that shows up on your MVR, DAC or PSP that wasn't your fault.

Accidents/Crashes can be a quick killer of your chances. If your truck got hit by the little old lady driving
the Buick Regal who failed to see the stop sign, the accident may show up on your MVR as "ACCIDENT".
Make sure you have the accident report to show the details.

•If you were in the military, especially in the past 10 years, have a copy of your DD214.

Many motor carriers love to recruit past military personnel. The discipline required seems to translate
well for commercial driving. Have a copy of your discharge papers.

•If you have attended a driving school or received safe driving awards , keep a copy.

Employers want to verify your training and hire a safe driver. Have this information available quickly.

You should have the following documents If you're actively looking for a job or think you will soon:

You need to have more information and be prepared further. You should most definitely obtain a DAC

report on yourself. You need to correct any errors, add your version of events before-not after the
error or lack of rebuttal bites you.

You should also obtain your PSP Report. This report contains 5 years of crash data and 3 years of
inspection data. With CSA, employers are increasingly looking at this report prior to hiring drivers. And
again, the reports can be wrong and there are ways to dispute the information. You want to do this
before-not after the information has hurt you.

Finally you should know what shows on your MVR. Maybe you've had some tickets, you know you've
gotten them and list them on the employment application-but the ticket has fallen off your MVR or,
for whatever reason, didn't appear on your MVR. You don't want to hurt yourself. Maybe also you have
never received a ticket. It still behooves your to get a copy of your MVR. An endorsement may have
expired-or not expired but the MVR shows it expired. There may be something on the MVR like a child
support failure that has affected your driving status. These are things you need to know about up front.

It's maddening to miss a job you should have had or got without a paycheck because of paperwork.
Assemble just a basic file of documents and keep it safe. DOTJobHistory can obtain, help you correct and
securely store all this information for instant use, but regardless of whether you use DOTJobHistory or
do it yourself, it pays to be prepared.

Derek Hinton is the CEO of TIES, LLC, better known as DOTJobHistory allows drivers to obtain and
verify their employment (DAC), driving and criminal records. They may then make this information available over the web to
employers who can access the information instantly.

Derek has over 20 years experience in the areas of employment screening, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Motor Carrier Safety
regulations. He began his career at DAC Services in 1984 and is the author of The Criminal Records Manual, a book that details
criminal records in the hiring process.

Contact information for Derek can be found at