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Similarly, as your credit report follows you around representing you to lenders, the DAC report is of critical importance to drivers. It tells potential employers about you, and your work habits. Carriers you have worked for, or whose orientation you attended, report on you to DAC, which places the information on your report.

The DAC report contains your complete professional driver job history including accidents/incidents, MVR record, drug/alcohol test history, plus criminal history.  Approximately 90% of all U.S. long haul commercial carriers use the DAC Report for pre-employment screening.

Inaccurate reporting and errors can easily end up on your report and they can negatively affect your ability to get work if not corrected. It is important that you regularly get a copy of your report because inaccurate information on your report can keep you from getting the job you want or cause you to be terminated from the job you have just been hired.  is a slick tool that allows you to cut through the hassle to obtain your own information, review for accuracy and then use the information to get the top jobs. has worked with the top guy at DOTJobHistory for years and DOTJobHistory writes a monthly article for various trucking magazines. He was one of the first employees of DAC Services (now HireRight) and spent 20 years with them. He agreed to answer some of the most common questions we get regarding "DAC Reports

Common Questions Regarding DAC Reports


Q: Why is my current employer not on the DAC report?

A: Companies only contribute information to the DAC employment history file upon termination of a period of service.


Q: How long will a positive drug test or refusal be reported on my DAC report?

A: Three years-however if you were terminated for the test, the fact that you were terminated (usually with the added information of "company policy violation") may stay on for 7 years.


Q: How long will the fact that I worked for a particular company stay on my DAC report?

A: 10 Years.


Q: I disagree with information one of my former employers put on my DAC report. I want the information corrected. How do I do this?

A: The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires DAC/Hireright to investigate and correct (within 30 days) any incorrect information and allow a rebuttal statement from the driver. DOTJobHistory has a free tool in its members only section that allows drivers to trigger the investigation and submit their rebuttal.


Q: I got my DAC report and most of my employers were not even listed. Why?

A: USIS does not have all trucking companies as members. You can have worked for 10 companies over the past 10 years and not one will show up. DOTJobHistory has a service that allows you to report these employers and have your history with them verified. You should know what they say about you when they are contacted.



Let us know if you have any questions regarding employment screening you would like answered. We will periodically post other information regarding MVRs, criminal record information and other subjects to keep you informed. You may also read much more about DAC reports, criminal records and MVRs at DOTJobHistory. Subjects such as:


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