Drivers' Corner - Knight of the Highway

I woke up to a cold breeze blowing through. The fire was a soft glow of burned down wood and ash. I gently freed myself, hoping not to wake Kathy, and blew the fire back to life. Flames soon jumped to light the darkness. More logs were added for fuel to the hungry flames. Once again the camp was lit in reflections of gold.

I sat there in the warmth of the fire and watched her. Her face glowed as fire reflections danced in glorious light across it. We both had fallen asleep in haste and had forgotten any pillows or covering. I pulled a blanket and pillows from the car and flung the blanket up and let it float gently across my angel as she slept. She pulled the blankets tight with a content smile across her face. And I watched her sleep.

I had been so busy all my life that I hadn't really stopped to take the time to see how beautiful a woman really was. And here was an angel peacefully sleeping before me. I sat there and watched as her chest softly rose and returned. The gentle slope of her nose and the bridge of her lips. Her eyelashes held sweetly tight and the fine hairs of her eyebrows glowing in the light of the fire. I sat there being hypnotized under her spell. Was she an angel or had she cast her spell, drawing me in as prey? It didn't matter now. I was not worried about my fate. I just thought of a way to keep this moment forever--my angel sleeping under the heavens, a gift from above.

I went over to her and laid my head on her body with my feet toward the fire. She warmed my soul as the fire warmed my feet. I had always been warned not to be caught under the spell of a woman lit by the moonlight. But had they ever told me of the reflective glow of a fire? The popping and cracking sound of the fire with the smoke dancing softly.

Under the canopy of a forest of green lie two in the universe lighted by the same energy that powers the sun, gravity drawing them close to each other. Content by the night and fed by dreams...body against body, almost as one. They slept and slept in closeness and passion.

I felt Kathy stir and work her way free. The day had lit the forest with rightness and Kathy had rose to the occasion. I pretended not to wake and lay there pretending to sleep, secretly watching as she moved about the camp putting together coffee and breakfast. She was as beautiful floating around in the day as sleeping at night. "Perhaps I found the medicine I need," I thought.

The smell of bacon and coffee on the grill over the fire fed my hunger. I jumped to my feet and rolled up the blankets and put them away. I walked behind Kathy and rubbed her shoulder and kissed her hair. She turned with a smile and received my morning kiss. I smiled back, accepting her gift of love, a sweet smile that spoke to me softly.

We sat there eating by the river that was hidden in the night, but flowed a few yards away. We talked of the idea of fishing there for lunch. The river seemed too fast to have any luck and I told her of the reservoir just a few miles away. If we were lucky, we would have fresh trout for lunch, grilled in the smoke of a fire and served with freshly baked potatoes that we had brought on our journey. For the moment I was too busy filling my soul with the camp coffee and the flames of our fire. I moved from one position to the other, carefully warming every part and at the same time feeling the opposing breeze--a slight touch of chilling cold competing with the warmth of the fire, opposites fighting for the attention.

I had forgotten about my pain, both physically and mentally. It seemed like life was full of light, like the fire that danced in front of me.

"How can you ever keep this moment?" I asked accidentally out loud.

"What was that?" Karen asked, slightly laughing in surprise.

"Oh, nothing," I answered. "I was just thinking of this moment, wishing it would never end and wondering how to keep the moment forever."

I felt embarrassed and foolish as she walked over to me. I pulled her close and held her in my arm as we watched the fire, and the light of day grow brighter and brighter. She asked if we should go. I gave her a squeeze and then went about clearing the camp of any signs. I pulled some water out of the river into a bucket and started pouring it upon the fire. The smoke grew black and gray, and the water boiled and spewed and made the fire cough. Two more buckets and the fire was washed out with no fear of coming back. Everything was picked up and clean and we were ready to break camp.