Drivers' Corner - Lookin' Back

Well, drivers, last month I told you about breaking down just west of Lordsburg, New Mexico, and about the time we got our marker lights burning again. A guy I will call Bob came up and asked us if he could hitch a ride with us. He said he would ride in the trailer if we wanted him to just so he could keep out of the wind. He had ridden in the back of a pickup truck for about 100 miles and the poor guy was really cold.

He seemed like an all right person so my co-driver, David, who was also the owner of the truck told him that he could ride up front with me since he was going to get in the sleeper. We started out and Bob and me got to talking. He said he lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, and had been to California looking for work and was going home.

I took Highway 70 and 82, heading to Alamogordo, New Mexico. Boy, those roads were narrow and curvy back then. I could see the lights of Alamogordo from a long way off. I thought I would be there in a couple of hours, but was I wrong! It took until just before daylight the next morning to get there.

We fueled and showered and had breakfast. Bob didn't have any money so we bought his breakfast. Then we started out again on Highway 82 through Artesia and up through Lovington, then on toward Lubbock, Texas.

We stopped for some more fuel and eats about 50 miles east of Lubbock. We met a Texas Ranger and he saw the Georgia tag on the front of the truck. He turned around and came back and said we were over on the bridge law. He had us follow him to a small town to the justice of the peace. So the nice old JP fined us sixty dollars and that took most of our fuel and eating money. David had to call his wife to wire us some money. Thank goodness for Western Union. She wired it to Hope, Arkansas, since we were going through there.

We stopped and got the money at Western Union and continued on to the next place where we could get fuel and eats again. We bought Bob's lunch and started up again. We went through Arkedelphia then on through Malvern and on into Little Rock. There Bob told us where to stop and let him off. He showed us his house; it was in sight of the road. We all said goodbye and he thanked us for being a friend to him and giving him the ride and for buying his food. We exchanged addresses and a couple of months later he sent David money to pay for the food we had bought him.

After dropping Bob off, we got on Highway 70 heading out of little rock (now I-40 runs alongside of Highway 70). We continued on through Brinkley, Forrest City and on into Memphis, Tennessee, where we delivered the load.

After that we took Highway 72 out of Memphis down through Mississippi and on into Alabama down through Florence. W continued on through Huntsville then Scottsboro and on into Chattanooga, Tennessee. There we got on Highway 41 and traveled down through Ringold to Dalton where the trucking company terminal was.

We dropped our trailer and bobtailed to Mapleton, Georgia, to our home and, boy, was I glad to be back home again!

Well, drivers, I hope you enjoyed this story. If you will come back next month, I will tell you about the second trip.