Drivers' Corner - Lookin' Back

Last month I was telling you about my first trip in a tractor trailer going across Texas and West Texas. Boy, I thought we would never get across Texas it is so big. I am sure some of you newer drivers have thought the same thing about that great, big state.

Finally, we got to the state line just west of El Paso and went into the southwestern part of New Mexico and into Las Cruces. There we stopped to fuel and eat at a small truck stop just outside of town. We had Mexican food that time also, but this time we knew not to eat the peppers by themselves.

We continued on thru Deming and on to Lordsburg and then on into Arizona out near Wilcox. I pulled off the road to stretch my legs and admire the beauty of the desert, but when I started to pull back onto the road my wheels spun. I was stuck in the sand and we had to get a wrecker to pull us out. Now that didn't make my co-driver/owner very happy. I thought he was going to fire me on the spot, but luckily he didn't. He gave me some good advice though about not pulling off the road into the sand.

So we continued on to Tucson to the Triple T truck stop to eat, shower and get more fuel, then continued on across the rest of Arizona and into California. We went on through Los Angeles. I had never seen so much traffic and so many lanes, but finally we got to North Hollywood to the carpet store we were to deliver to.

The street was narrow and we had a hard time backing off the street. There was so much traffic. I kept looking, trying to see a movie star, but the secretary at the carpet store should have been a movie star. She was so beautiful it was hard for me to keep my mind on unloading when she walked out into the warehouse.

I know some of you drivers know what I am talking about. You have seen ladies like that also at your pick up and delivery points and I am sure some of you lady drivers have seen some guys that you thought should be movie stars as well.

The row of carpet on the rear of the trailer was not hard to unload. They had a forklift with a carpet pole to unload it with, but after the first row we had to get in the trailer and tie a rope around the rolls of carpet to pull them to the rear of the trailer so the forklift driver could reach them with the pole.

We got unloaded okay, but then the troubles started. My co-driver jerked the truck when we started to leave and tore the rear end out of the truck. So, we had to get a wrecker to take the truck to the Mack place in Los Angeles where we had to stay in a motel for a week until the truck was fixed. Meantime my co-driver had the flu because of me having the window down so much. I was going out to get him cold medicine every day or so, but he finally got well by the time the truck was repaired.

Well, drivers, next month I will tell you about the return trip. It is kind of interesting also.