Drivers' Corner - Caring in Action

You have heard of the three R's. Well, I want to tell you about the three C's.

A driver was headed into Los Angeles on I-10 in the westbound side approaching the Indio hill. He was pulling a flatbed with a load of steel that put him right at 80,000 pounds.

Going down the Indio hill, the unit began to build speed. He applied his service brakes to bring it under control. About a 1/2 mile into the run he went for the brakes again, only this time they did not respond properly. Meantime, the tractor was approaching 85 mph.

The driver felt like panicking, but instead he pulled himself together and calmly guided the rig down the hill knowing that if it happened, it happened. He was out of control and there was little he could do about it. With his calm demeanor and steady hand, he was successful in guiding the unit to the bottom of the hill with a speed over 100 mph.

When the unit slowed to a more controllable speed, he began to downshift until he could stop. Checking his brakes, he found an airline with a hole rubbed in it big enough that when he applied the brakes the pressure went out of the line. The line was repaired and he went on with his load.

His was a demonstration of the 3 C's - Concentration, Caution and Caring:

  1. Concentration allowed him to think through his circumstances and respond accordingly. Had he panicked, his concentration would have been zero.
  2. As much as concentration is an inward response, caution is an outward response. He could have abandoned the unit and taken his chances, but that would have involved others.
  3. Caring is the motivation for his actions concerning his life and the lives around him.

Bottom line: His circles of concern involved himself, his family, his friends and his fellowman.