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Layover.com provides the resources you need as a woman truck driver to succeed in the trucking industry.

Recent statistics show that nearly 200,000 women across the United States make truck driving their career. Whether it's due to the call of the open road, flexible schedules, job availability, competitive salaries, or another of the trucking industry's many advantages, more and more women are choosing to get behind the wheel every year.

Being a woman trucker in a predominantly male industry presents its own unique set of issues and circumstances. Sometimes you just want to get a point of view that comes from someone with the same experiences. Here at Layover.com, women truck drivers can find specific information on the trucking industry including safety tips, trucking news, and on-the-job skill information, as well as an online forum where you can trade thoughts with other women truckers.

Of course, if you're just getting started in the trucking industry or if you're a woman truck driver looking to further your career, we suggest you also take advantage of all of the other great services Layover.com offers. We've got tools for finding truck driving jobs, information on trucking companies , and so much more - all just a click away!

A Woman's Perspective

Sandy Long

    The trucking industry is a demanding one and women need to work harder to prove themselves!

    Why Did You Do It?
    Do you ever see another woman driver going by and wonder why she chose to become a trucker? I do, especially if it is someone young. With their whole world ahead of them, why would a young woman become a trucker instead of going to college...

Trucking Industry Articles/Columns

  • Women in Non-Traditional Jobs - The next time you pass an 18–wheeler, take a look at who is driving that truck next to you. It may not be who you were expecting...
  • Women's Role in Trucking's History - How often have you heard someone say that trucking is a man's world? Ladies have no business in a truck and aren't made for the work...
  • Preparing for the Road - Congratulations on joining the trucking industry! Your lifestyle is about to drastically change and so will your priorities...
  • Staying Out Of Harm's Way - The responsibilities and dangers that drivers face vary only slightly between the sexes. While men also need to take charge of their safety in truck stops and other public places, women have greater vulnerability in similar circumstances...
  • Improper Behavior From Co-Workers - Harassment in the workplace is real. There are no stereotypical givers or receivers of sexual harassment...
  • One Woman's Journey - Well, that didn't last as long as I had hoped. I was a truck driver for exactly 2 weeks. That must be the shortest recorded time for trying a new career...

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