Women in Trucking - One Woman's Journey

Decisions about a drastic life change are never easy. You suffer with doubts. You weigh all the pros and cons. You ask your friends. You ask your parents. You lose sleep. You walk the floor. And finally, it comes down to one thing. Is this the right decision for me?

This decision was harder than most of my others. I have been a mom, wife and secretary for 25 years. I knew what was expected of me. I did my job with ease, although I was bored with it. But, it was comfortable. It made sense. What my husband was asking me to do did not make any sense.

How do you get from a safe, office job to driving a truck? How do you leave all that has been safe and comfortable in your life and start over again? What do you say to your friends who think you are crazy? How do you quit a good job with security for one with no security that has so much potential danger?

I weighed all the options, walked the floor, made the list of pros and cons and finally listened to my heart. Listened to the part of me that speaks when my logic is silent.

I was not willing to live without my husband and I was not willing to tell him to leave the road that he had grown to love so much. I needed a change. My kids were all grown up and on their own. The decision became so obvious.

So, this decision, which at the beginning was so difficult, became so easy. I love school. I love the fact that I am doing it on my own. I love the idea of working side by side with the man I love. I love the plans we have made to see the country.

Although, this is the right decision for me, it may not be the right one for everyone. Sometimes it just takes a leap of faith. Sometimes you need to stop listening to your head and start listening to your heart.