Women in Trucking - One Woman's Journey

I probably should have asked all the questions before I made the decision to become a trucker. That decision was made with a lot of emotion and not much pre-thought. But when my head cleared, I had a bunch of them. So, I went to my favorite group and asked some professionals.

How do I pay my monthly bills if we are both on the road?

It's different with every bill. You can set up some of them with your debit card (credit card) and have them take the amount directly out of your account. With credit card bills, you can send in the same amount every month and get the statement when you get home. Some utility companies have a level payment plan where you pay the same amount every month and make up the difference at the end of the year. I am planning on making some envelopes with the addresses of all my bills and keeping them in the truck. Inside will be a slip of paper with the account number on it. I can then pay my bills on the road and collect my mail when I get home.

What do I carry for a purse? Don't want anyone to swipe it when I go into a truck stop.

My husband gave me the answer to this one. I am going to get a fanny pack for my wallet and some essentials. I will keep the other necessary stuff in the truck.

How do you keep from killing your spouse when you are together 24/7?

Take time for yourself. If that means just closing the curtain on the sleeper and reading a book, that's fine. Never let bad feelings build up, just don't fight for no reason. Take criticism with a grain of salt; don't let it get personal. Never let your husband or wife train you. Your marriage is worth too much. When you get somewhere where you can spend a few hours, go to a mall alone, take in a movie, go for a walk. When you can stay in a hotel for the night, do it. Take a long, hot bath. Have a mini honeymoon.

What if I get scared and can't drive in the really bad weather? I have never really enjoyed driving in bad weather.

That is something Randy and I will have to work out. I would rather pull over or give the driving to him so that I know we are safe. I know that, in time, I will not be as scared. So, initially, Randy and I are going to put in less miles than a normal team and work our way up when I feel more confident.

What if I really hate it?

I have to be honest with Randy. He doesn't need a partner out there who is unhappy all the time. It is a decision only I can make. And honesty will be the best policy.

How do I stay feminine in a world dominated by men?

I plan on wearing a small amount of makeup, earrings and soft shirts with my jeans. The great thing is I never have to wear panty hose again. Comfort is essential. The way I look to the world is important. The way I feel about myself is critical.

Thanks to everyone for their help. Support is out there; you just have to ask.