Women in Trucking - A Woman Driver's Guide

Don't take things personally! Things will be said or things will happen to you, but the universe is not out to get you! The stranger that just bit your head off really has no problem with you. Don't let him/her pass on a lousy attitude and ruin your day, your job or whatever experience you are in. If someone acts like a jerk or gives you a hard time for nothing or little of nothing--DO NOT RESPONDE IN KIND.

Take a mental look behind you and realize that if the person coming down the road next had made it there first, they would be listening to the same load of crap you are hearing. It has nothing to do with you. ONLY if you respond in kind will you give it power over your day. Realize it is ALL about the person spewing it out and the kind of day or life they are having. Maybe someone in their family just got a fatal diagnosis, or they just got served with divorce papers, or a law suite. Of course, if their spouse left them for a truck driver, you really are in for a bad time!

Hey, it is temporary and you will get to leave--leave the bad attitude with them too. You can dampen it perhaps by responding with courtesy and understanding. The attitude is their problem! Be determined not to join them in the miserable day or life they are having. Sometimes you can diffuse the situation with a comment like, "Wow, you must really be having a bad day!" They may not have anything nice to say, but it is a lot harder to push when no one is pushing back, when you are just literally stepping aside. Just act matter of fact about it all.

If you are given a difficult assignment, don't waste your time bitching and whining. You are still going to have to do it, just in less time, making it harder. Look at it as a challenge not as an obstacle. Don't ask God to move the mountain, just give you the strength to climb it!

Maybe it is unfair, maybe it is a test, maybe it is because you are a _______ (fill in the blank yourself). So what? Show them whatever and whoever you are that you can handle whatever they throw your way, and the less fuss you make out of it the less entertainment it is for them. So the less likely they will repeat their bad behavior.

We really do get what we expect from life. Don't tell the universe that you always have bad luck, rotten deals, the worst this and lousy that, BECAUSE if you do it is ALL YOU CAN POSSIBLY GET. After all, you just ordered it! Some people think that is the way to keep from being disappointed by not expecting much, not realizing they are masters of their own fate. It is a lot like ordering bad food off the menu and then watching enviously while those at other tables enjoy the good food, not realizing they got it because they ordered it! Yea, once in a while the universe will get a good order wrong, but that is far more infrequent than if you keep ordering it bad!

Enthusiasm costs nothing and it is a wonderful spice for all life has to offer. It doesn't take any expertise or special training, although if you aren't in the habit it may take a little practice. It is self-reinforcing when you experience how much it adds to life. Stop complaining even if you have reason. Look where you want to go in life. You will have a much better chance of getting there. In fact, it may be the only way.