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A New Year is here. Welcome to 2007. Each year many people make resolutions to improve their lives. I have found the top eight resolutions and some websites to help you accomplish your goals. May the New Year bring you happiness and success!

Weight Loss
A website to help you succeed in losing weight and getting healthy.

Smoke Free
Quitting smoking is hard and this site will help you in the process.

12 Steps
This site explains and offers helpful information in the 12 steps to quit drinking.

Motley Fool
Get a plan to get out of debt this year.

Volunteer Match
Giving to others can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. Use this site to find the perfect place or organization to volunteer with.

Get Organized
Organizing your life can be overwhelming at first. Get some helpful hints from this site.

How Stuff Works
Learn something new. This site has how to's on many different topics.

Lower Stress
Relieve a little of the stress in your life. Use this site to find simple, but affective ways to reduce stress.