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Q Please help me. I failed a drug test in February of this year at a non-DOT regulated company. I was performing a non-safety function. I drove trucks in the early 80s for a couple of years while processing a chauffeur's license. I have completed all DOT requirements with a DOT approved S.A.P. I have been returned to full duty. I am unable to obtain employment. Will anyone hire me? Can you please send me any companies I can seek employment with? Thank you


Well, you have a rough road in front of you. You will need to complete a S.A.P. (Substance Abuse Professional) program. Once it is completed you have a fairly good chance of obtaining work. You have another issue besides the failed drug test that may be working against you. You must have current employment (within the last 3 years) in the trucking industry. Your best bet is to call companies and try to obtain a pre-hire then go back to school for a CDL course. This will improve your ability to be hired. I cannot and will not refer to companies, but you can start by filling out an application at Layover's Many employers use this service and you can apply to all with one application. Good Luck.


Q I would just like to thank you for the pre-test. I have worksheets that the company I'm trying to get employment with gave to me, but the online pre-test helped even more. It is a blessing for me. I haven't been in school for a very long time and I need all the study help I can get. It's a little hard getting the brain jump-started after not having to try and remember a lot at one time. Thank you and bless you.


It is nice to know I can help people and I do appreciate the feedback. For those who have missed the links, I am reposting them in hopes they will benefit others.


Q My son is incarcerated for 3 1/2 years. He is in for a robbery. He is 24 and wants so bad (when he gets out) to get his CDL. Is there any chance for him? I hear when you have a felony charge you cannot get a CDL.


He can get a CDL, but he will not be able to get some endorsements such as Hazmat. I suggest that if this is something he really wants to do that he contact companies first. Be honest with them about everything and get a pre-hire with one or more companies before he enrolls in a trucking school. Being pre-hired lets him know he will have a job, but he does not have to take it if something else comes along. Pre-hire also will insure that he is not wasting his time or money on a trucking school. It may be that he will have to wait a few years before he can get hired and prove himself first. I wish him luck and hope he can turn his life around.

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