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Q Can my wife and two kids come with me while I'm on the road?


Well, that depends. Are you talking about them living on the truck with you full time or taking a trip with you for a couple of weeks? A short trip is one thing and probably acceptable to most companies. It's just a matter of getting permission and doing some paperwork. Living on the truck is something completely different. It's selfish to ask a family to share such a small, confined space. Just to see how it would work, lock you whole family in the bathroom for a few days. You can only go out of the bathroom every six hours and then only for a 45 minutes or so. See how much fun it is. Kids need stability and school and friends, and to wake and go to bed in the same place every morning and evening. They need fresh air and room to run. Take a day trip to a truck stop and see if this is the type of place you want your kids to run around and play at. Truck driving is a JOB not a field trip or a vacation. Leave the family home and go to work.


Q I have heard you mention that trucking experience has to be within three years. I have been off OTR for approximately 1 1/2 years, but have been an instructor for class A CDLs for the state of Colorado. I am currently employed as a dump truck driver in Florida. If I am still driving, does this count toward the three years or does it have to be OTR?


You will need to contact the company you are interested in driving for. Most count local driving, but some only give you half credit for the time you drive local. I am not at all sure about how companies will view an instructor's position.


Q I absolutely commend you, Tillie, for denouncing this heinous act of desperation to collect money. What has the world come to? Having been forced upon by my ex-wife, the state has been threatening to suspend my license, my passport and deny me the ability to go and visit my family. I'm all alone in this country and having been trapped by her with children and don't know what to do. Can you imagine this predicament for a man without any attachment to this country but his child born and forced upon his throat? I applaud your efforts to condemn such desperate government efforts to rob us. Let the government print more money for such a cause. This is a zillion dollar country. Don't chase young men over $400 a month.


WHOOO! Hold up. I am not saying a father or mother should not pay child support. If you have children it is your responsibility to care for that child. I do not, however, see the sense of suspending a professional license to obtain child support. If the parent has made on-time support payments and for some reason falls behind then I feel there are better ways to obtain the CHILD'S support money. If no payments have been made then I feel the parent's wages should be garnished to provide for the child. If a person does not wished to be tied for life to another person and have a child "forced upon his throat" then he shouldn't be involved in activities that may result in a child. In other words, keep it zipped or be prepared support YOUR child! Kids do not choose to be born. That is the parent's choice. Once you create a child the least you owe that child is financial support. It is the parent's job to raise a child not the government's responsibility.

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