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By Tillie

Q I am 26, a father of two beautiful boys (ages 4 and 1), and a husband to an incredibly loving and supportive wife who also has a fulltime job. I have been talking to her about becoming a trucker and she is very supportive about my decision and has been throughout my whole application process. Now that I have been offered a position and I will be leaving for training in two weeks she is still supportive, but she is getting very edgy and she talks around the subject when I try to talk about it with her. What I am wondering is, is their anything I can do to ease her mind and help her to not be so afraid of me being away as well as help with the nerves I am feeling about my boys coping with me being gone for the five weeks of initial training? Thank you for your time and I really dig this column.


TALK to her! And then LISTEN to her. Find out exactly how she is feeling and share how you are feeling too. Do not minimize how either of you feel. As much as we "know" the person we love, sometimes we need to tell them how we are feeling. She may be afraid to talk to you because she may feel it will stop you from doing something you want. Make sure she knows you are also nervous about this very big change in your lives. Once you are on the road there are things you can do to make things a little easier. Write postcards and letters often. Make calls when you can just to say "I love you" or "I'm thinking about you." Include your sons in these calls and letters.

This is a website I found that may help you. It is very informative.


Q Hello there. I have a question. I just started a job with a company and due to their lack of training me, I took part of a load to PA and brought the truck back to their yard and quit. Well, the owner got angry with me, which I can understand to a point. I told him I was sorry. That was not good enough for him and he threatened me with giving me a bad DAC report and went on to say I would not drive again because of that. I did not know what a DAC report was until today. Can he do that? I worked for him one day.


Sadly, yes, he can. But you too have some options. Contact DAC services through USIS at There is a time limit so do not put it off. You can also have a rebuttal placed on the DAC report. I doubt it will keep you from driving either way - it will just make it a little harder to find a job. But then, not everyone uses DAC. Be prepared to explain the incident to future employers.


Q I'm looking to get a CDL license and would like to know if there is a form or a pre test that I can practice on before I take the test.


Yes, there is. In fact, Layover's Newbie area offers a prep test for free. We also have the "Tips from the Trainer" area that can answer questions and explain things you may have trouble with.

A couple other sites that can help you are and It's a good idea to use multiple tests so you get more variations and will read the questions closer on your real test. Good luck to you. Let me know how you did!


Q Can I remain anonymous? I have some questions and comments about drug testing.


Absolutely! The form on this page will only show the name and email you enter to me and I do not share it with anyone else. If you wish to have me email you back directly include that request in your email.

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