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Q I am 42, single, live in California, and am lonely. I love to travel, so I feel I'd be a great companion to a nice man on the road. Is there a site where I can get in touch with trucking men who are looking for mates? Please help! Thank You


There are several websites with singles and personals that are geared toward trucking and those who are looking to meet someone in trucking. Layover has one itself. But let me please remind you that the internet offers opportunities to meet people and it also offers a way for people to hide who they really are. Be very, very careful when meeting people online. Take it slowly. Do not give out too much personal information and never meet someone face to face unless you are in a public place and have someone near by to look out for you. Here is a website that offers some tips on keeping safe while looking for the right person online.


Q I have a DUI on my record. It is going on three years since I got it. Is there a company out there that will hire me? I have seven years OTR experience. I just want to get back to work.


Yes, in fact, you should have a fairly easy time finding a job. The only problem I see is you will probably have to take a refresher course and go through training with a company since you have been off the road for so long. Kind of have to start all over again. It will take some legwork and time, but you can do it.


Q I went through three days orientation and on the fourth day, dispatch and me didn't agree on some things so I quit. I didn't leave their lot, didn't buy any fuel or anything, now three months later they say I owe them $245.00 for fuel and miscellaneous. They turned it over to a collection agency and they said they would put it on my credit report. Can they do that? What can I do to fight it?


Can they do this? Yup, they did. Is it legal or moral? Not in my opinion, but I'm not a lawyer. If I were in your situation, I would request copies of the charges so you know exactly what you are being charged for. Then I would take them to small claims court to fight it. Make sure you also contact DAC services and put your side of this situation on your DAC report. Of course, your other option is to just pay the $245 and chalk it up to experience.

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