Family Center - A Trucker's Wife

As the New Year begins, I like to stop and think about where I have been and where I am headed next. As you all will remember, I left teaching a little over a year ago to go trucking with my husband. It has been a strange transition, filled with different feelings ranging from "Wow, I love this" to "What have I done?"

Trucking has so many ups and downs. The driving can be wonderful yet maddening. The disrespect the general public has for a trucker is overwhelming and dangerous. The shippers and receivers can make you want to chain your load back up and pull away. The scale houses are there to be a nuisance and other drivers forget that we are all in this together.

Thank God we have a great support team at the company we are leased to. Truckers Express treats us like we are a part of their family, not just owner-operators. They make sure we get home whenever we let them know we are ready.

Being away from your family can bring tears to your heart and make you want to throw it all away and run home. But still the road calls to me when I am home. Our grandson was born on December fifth, so my dear husband let me stay home from November first, through December twenty-sixth. I was so happy and loved staying home, but only for about three weeks. Then I missed my husband and the truck a lot.

It was so hard to leave my grandbaby home and not hold him everyday. Yet, I was excited to spend quality time with my husband again and fight all the traffic. It's confusing isn't it? All drivers feel the same way. Your husbands are so torn between you and the occupation they have chosen. I couldn't wait to smell the diesel and thump my tires, but the day I left I wanted to get back home as fast as I could. My husband always said, "The minute I leave you waving goodbye to me in our driveway, I am already on my way back home."

The New Year will indeed bring even more adventures and disasters, but as long as I have the love of my husband, my children and now my grandchild, I can handle whatever comes my way. You all have a great and wonderful 2007. And, remember, in his heart, your truck driver is always on his way home too.