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I always made the Christmas season fun for my children and my nephews. Every holiday we would make crafts and candies. I have an online cookbook full of cookies and candies (it is listed below.) With their dad being gone during the holidays, I felt it was important to make every day magic for them. So, when their dad did get home, the day before Christmas, they would have all kinds of new stuff to show him. Christmas was the time for pure fun and childhood joy.

Sometimes the holidays can be hard on a trucking family. It's stressful enough on an ordinary mom to get through the holidays and keep her sanity. But a driver's wife has the extra burden of keeping the smile on her face and trying to make it all come together without her mate's help.

Now is the time to take a deep breath and find some peace from within. I can remember having to go in the yard and pull weeds or go to the golf course and hit balls as hard as I could. It helps to take an hour or so for yourself if you can. Heck, just go out in the yard and scream (but warn the neighbors first).

Remember, your hubby wants to be home just as much as you want him home. Last year we didn't make it home until two days before Christmas and I felt so guilty because my boys were calling everyday asking when I would be home (and they think they are all grown up, PLEASE !!) So, don't overburden him with too many problems during this season. He needs to think, have a clear head and all his attention on the road. There are a lot of extra travelers out there going to Grandma's house.

Just make up your mind to make the best of the holidays and do it. Below are some links to sites that I hope will help you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Here is my holiday's website full of on line games.

Here is my cookies and candies site

Stress and Holidays

PS - I'm going to be a grandma for the first time on December 10th. I am soooooo excited.