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Your truck doesn't just get you down the road. It's your home and your office. It gives you the means to make a living, to be independent. But more than that, your truck is your pride. How you take care of it and how it looks says a lot about you and the kind of business you run.

That's why every trucker fantasizes about the truck of his dreams. One that fits him to a "T" and makes him feel like he's driving on air instead of a concrete slab.

For you, maybe it's a brand new model spec'd out to your whims. Or an old classic rebuilt and restored with button-tuck seats and chrome knobs. Or custom stacks and stainless bumper on a solid running truck to give it that personal flare. Whatever the case, your truck represents you and you want to take pride in it.

But what if you don't have big bucks to sink into the looks of your ride?

The good news is, there are quite a few options available to spruce up your truck for under $1000. No, that kind of cash won't get you a new paint job or a complete re-upholstery job, but it will get you a little dazzle on the outside or some creature comforts on the inside.

Spruce it up, Baby

You've got $1000 or less, that's okay. You've still got options, options, options. Not the total makeover you dream about, but enough to add a little pizzazz and personality. Here are some "ball park" figures to get you started.


  1. Nice set up 6-inch chrome exhaust installed and mounted $1000
  2. Stainless air cleaners $1000
  3. Custom built ChromeShopMafia rear light bar $750
  4. LED cab and sleeper light bars $750
  5. Stainless or aluminum tool box $700
  6. Stainless visor, mounted $550-$600
  7. Stainless louver grill $500
  8. 18-inch stainless steel front bumper $450
  9. Vinyl graphics or vinyl lettering ($150-$1000)
  10. Mudflaps with stainless weights and anti-sails $150-$200
  11. Full assortment of exterior wash products, polishes, pads, towels, polishing cloths and detailing supplies $250
  12. Window tinting $100-$150


  1. New steering wheel, leather or wood $250-$400
  2. Dress up the dash to extreme with all the little trinkets, chrome switches, usually a driver can put them on himself, take a stock dash board and really fix it up $600-$800
  3. New seat, wide ride low base leather seat, installed $850
  4. Dummy shifter, makes it look like an old auxiliary shifter $450
  5. Upgraded audio system, good entry level audio system with a different head unit, more power and extra sub woofers ($1000)
  6. New mattress for better sleep and back support ($250)
  7. Complete detailing - carpet and upholstery steam cleaning, dash and door panel detailing, floor boards, kick panels and head liner as necessary (sandiegodetail.com $150).
  8. Hand held steam cleaner for cleaning tough spots on your upholstery and carpet ($50)
  9. Interior cleaning and detailing kit ($70)

Thanks to the Chrome Shop Mafia for ideas and ball park costs. For more ideas, visit their online store at www.4statetrucks.com or stop by their Joplin, Missouri, location weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.