Salinas, California
Hey, there ain't too much to do in this town, but I figured I'd let you know about the ONLY 2 truck stops in Salinas.

There is also a Peterbilt dealer just before the Exxon Station on the right (first one you can make). There is also a Ford Heavy Truck dealership/shop.

Both of the truck stops have scales and truck washes, but the Giggs Truck stop also has a restaurant and a Carl's Jr. across the street from it.

Also check out a place called The Whole Enchilada on Highway 1, the coast highway. It's a mile north of Castroville and south of Watsonville. There's a small commercial fishing harbor right next door. The restaurant has limited overnight truck parking (if behaved). You'll find very friendly people, great food and good music 7 nights per week. It beats havin' to stay at one of the local truckstops.

Let us know where to stay, or what to do while laid over by mailing