Salisbury, Maryland
Best place to eat in Salisbury, Md is on College Ave called Devages. They have great food. Also thirty miles east is the Atlantic Ocean. Close to a town called Ocean City, Md. A quiet little beach resort, nice place to visit. Nice places to stay along Route 13 and Route 50. Route 13 being the busy highway there.

Washington DC/Maryland area
For my first contribution to your site, I would like to suggest that any truckers that need repairs in the Washington DC area, call the Peterbilt dealer in Landover, Maryland called Capital Trucks at 1-800-787-9000 and schedule their repairs. While the truck is getting new brakes, clutch, or an air conditioning system repair, drivers can take the Washington Metro subway into Washington DC for the day and visit some of the museums like the Smithonian Air and Space Museum, tour the White House, protest in front of the White House or see some of the other historical sites like the Vietnam Memorial. Capital Trucks is about 1/4 mile walk from the Landover Metro station and it sure would be a good way to spend time and get your truck worked on.

Let us know where to stay, or what to do while laid over by mailing