Marquette, Michigan
On the West or North end of town depending on what highway your coming in on (US 41 North or state route Hwy. 28 West) there is a Phillips 66 truckstop on the edge of town that has truck parking. If looking for a place to eat there is Red Lobster across from there or 16th of a mile East or South of there is the ranch steak house that has a big mall parking lot you can easily get in and out of. Farther down going to town is Hudson's restaurant on the right Bobtail only, farther in to town on the business route is a Shopko store with a Hardie's in the lot and a Bar call JT's Shaft. Great food same parking lot but in the back of the store (tractor trailer parking). Also the Wal-Mart across the highway of the truckstop has a McDonalds in it and plenty of truck parking and this one don't run ya off!! Well, have a great time in our town there are lot's to do here.

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