Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City is one spread-out town ! Lots to do, but park as close to what you want to do as possible to save high $ cab rides.

The West side truck stops, Flying J & 76 are on I-40 at Morgan Road. Not much to do way out there. Kenworth which runs a 7x24 shop is right on I-40 as is the Freightliner, International, & Peterbilt dealerships. A must in OKC is Cattlemen's Cafe just south of I-40 on Agnew. No truck parking except in the stockyards, but absolutely the best steak in town! The whole stockyards area is nice, with western clothing stores, etc. all over the place.

I-40 Meridian area has the major hotels & restaurants for business travelers, but not a lot of places for a truck. The airport is due south on Meridian if you want to rent a car. One of the attractions here is White Water Bay, a major water-park with slides etc. Kids love this place.

From the Petro at I-40 at MLK or Eastern, is probably the best bet to see things. Its close to Downtown & the Bricktown district which is a nice area to take a date for a night on the town. There is also a Pilot truckstop at this same exit which usually has the best diesel prices around. Full service with scales & showers, but limited truck parking.

Going North on I-35, get off at 50th street and go west about 2 miles. Here we have Remington Park, a 1st class horse racing facility; the zoo (which is very nice compared to some I've seen), and the Softball Hall of Fame. The Cowboy Hall of Fame is located at I44 North at Kelly. Some of the best western art in the country !

Going further north on I-35 to 122nd street is Frontier City, an Amusement park with an old west theme. There are a couple of truckstops in this area on both sides of the highway. Also, there is Eagle Truck Wash which seems to always be on the CB. They do a good job at a fair price. They are on the west side of the Interstate, right behind the Love's Convenience Store.

Going East on I-40 there is a truck stop at I-40 -- I-240 Junction. It's a fairly large full service truckstop but its a long way from there to do anything.

Going south on I-35 there is not a truckstop until you get 50 miles south of town! There is a Total Station at S. 59th street with diesel for trucks, and a Loves at S 82nd, but no overnight truck parking.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lots to do here. Park at Bruce's Truckstop on I-44 at exit 236. They will let you drop trailer in the back. Or you can park on West side of town at the Texaco truck stop, you can also drop trailer there. Its beside Peterbilt and behind Freightliner dealers. Lots of movie theatres, malls, and restaurants in town. You can bobtail to any of them. Go to Jamil's steakhouse for a superb steak, you won't forget it and will return on a regular basis, one of my favorites.

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