Eastern, Oregon
Pendleton, OR since I've lived here 15 yrs. I must be an expert! At exit 216,there's arrowhead truck stop, tire repair, hohum food, truck repair behind. ALSO, next door is the casino, with lots of parking, good food (though not cheap). At exit 210,uphill @ bottom of ramp, left @ first street, copper kettle restaurant, 2-3 motels, truck turn-around @ end of street, on street parking. Exit 209, downhill @ bottom of ramp, left @ light ,next light, you'll see a Wal-Mart that allows parking for non-littering drivers (lets not screw this one up boys).There is large grocery store across the street, 1 block to mall, 2 blocks to laundry, 3 blocks to Pendleton Roundup Grounds, other restaurants and bars. Exit 207, Umatilla co. Jail & Eastern OR. Prison (lets not go there). Exit 201,Floyd's Truck Stop (iffy food), woodpecker truck service for nearly all makes and trailers. Enjoy this town, there's underground tours, antiques, round-up museum, lots to see and do.

The Medicine Woman Sez LET 'ER BUCK !!!!!!

Grant Pass, Oregon
If you're looking for a clean establishment with reasonable prices and great food stop at the Train Depot Restaurant in southeast GrantPass. It's located at 577 NE F. Street, Grants Pass, OR 97526-0236. Their phone number is (541) 479-1119. If you can drop your trailer somewhere you can park in their parking lot, otherwise you'll have to park your truck and trailer on the street but the food is worth it.

Salem, Oregon
A great Chinese restaurant at exit 256 (Market St.) off I-5. Go West to 2nd light (Savage). The restaurant is on your right and there is a grocery store you can park your rig--not sure about overnight.

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