El Paso, Texas
Go to the Chevron Truckstop in El Paso, TX. (Airport Road Exit ) drop yer trailer. Talk to them. They do a fairly good job of looking after it. Also, the food is real good at that Chevron, some of the best out here! But the food across the border is better. Now bobtail back west to Mesa Street and follow it down to the border. Park your tractor for $4. Walk over the bridge. Lots of great places to get Mexican food. The best places to shop are the Mercados, which are in walking distance. Go down the street to about the third light, a main street with shops. Hang a left, keep walking until you get to the Mercado. Good deals on leather stuff, shoes, belts. The little food stalls have the best food I ever ate! Chilles rellenos in a flour tortilla with avocado and tomatos that are always the best. I have never seen Chiles rellenos like these in the states. Very cheap, about 2 for a dollar. With a soda pop for about a quarter. I liked the leather belts, shoes, watches, and pots.

San Antonio, Texas
I was stuck in San Antonio this week because H.E.B. warehouse would not take a load early. I stopped at a little café next to a convenience store. The sign says just: "Cafe" that's it! Has a place for a few trucks to park, right on the very southern edge of San Antonio on the I-35, right at the Medina River.

It's another Mexican place, but very authentic, offering stuff like beef tongue tacos, barbacoa, and lots of stuff I never heard of! I order a Manchacha breakfast something like that and boy was that stuff just GREAT! After two days of eating at the Flying J and Petro. Very authentic. An' the price is right too around $3.99 for the breakfast. THUMBS UP!

Fairview, Texas
A little place at the junction of I-45 and U.S. 84 called Sammy's next to a truck stop. There are lots of trucks parked next to it, and you'll find out why! Just great stuff.. The TEX MEX that I love so much.. God I can't get enough of that stuff! I had the tacos, I wish some place up in Kansas had them like these. They are real homestyle. A homemade tortilla, going easy on the seasonings. JUST FIRST RATE STUFF! Incidentally, I don't think the BETO JUNCTION is the best out here not by a long shot...it is good though. I love that Mexican food...just the plain old kind...but the homemade tortillas and fresh chips and plain kind of salsa...not too much spice...just right. YUMMY!

Marble Falls, Texas
North of San Antonio about 60 miles on US-281. Check out Wal-Mart Super Store at North end of town on US-281. There is lots of free parking on South end of store on an adjacent parking lot. Makes a good place to take a break for awhile.

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