A class A trucker
"Thanks for the smokey report there Ace."
Highway Patrol with their lights on
"Smokey advertising at the 56 mile marker."
Large piece of a tire on the road
"There's a large alligator in the middle of the road up ahead."
At your back door
Behind your truck
"You got a smokey at your back door!"


Deer (dead or alive)
"There's a Bambi on the side at the 43 yardstick."
A low overpass
"I saw a driver take his trailer to the barbershop last week."
Bear bait
Leader in a group of trucks
"Looks like Swift is the bear bait tonight."
County or State Cop
"Can I get a smokey report."
Bear cave
Police station on the highway
"The bear cave is empty tonight so watch out."
Bear in the air
Overhead highway patrol
"Slow down Roadrunner you got a bear in the air past the next rest area."
Bear meat
Speeding truck without a radar detector
"That gearjamming large car is bear meat."
Bear report
Asking for the location of the cops
"Can I get a bear report there covenant."
Moving companies
"Bedbuggers on the side of the road."
Better half
Husband or wife
"I sure do miss my better half."
Big/tall rubber
24 inch tires
"I just bought new big rubber for my rig."
Bingo cards
Paper cards that hold trucking permits from different states
"Better get your bingo cards out, they're checkin' em at the chicken coop."
A Martin Truck company's truck"
"Can I get a smokey report there Bluebird."
A bumpy road
"I don't run 78 often cause it's a real boardwalk."
Traveling without a trailer
"It sure can be hairy to bobtail in the rain."
Top gear
"I've got 'er up in the boogie now"
Interstate highway
"Once we hit the boulevard we can put some miles behind us."
Boy scouts
State police
"There's a bunch of boyscouts waiting for you at the 157."
I'd like to break-in, interrupt
"Can I get a break."
Brake check
Jamming on your brakes in traffic
"Watch out we're doing a break check up ahead."
Break one-oh" or "Break-10
I want to talk (on channel 10)
"Can I get a break one-oh."
CB'er who asks to use a channel
"Who's that breaker out there."
Bug out
To leave a channel
"I better bug out and get some shut eye."
Mack truck
"Who we got in that eastbound bulldog."
Bumper Sticker
Car following too closely
"Hey CRST better watch out you got a bumper sticker on your backdoor."
Bundled out
Trailer is fully loaded
"As bundled out as I am those hills will really slow me down."
Any beer
"When I get home I'm gonna get me some buttermilk."


A long steep incline in eastern Oregon
"I jammed the brakes pullin' off of Cabbage"
Police radar unit
"There's a local yokal with a camera just ahead."
Cash register
Toll booth
"I'm comin' up on a cash register at highway 88"
Chicken coop
Truck weigh station
"Are the chicken coops open this morning?"
Chicken lights
Extra lights on a truck
"Look at all those chicken lights on that northbound bulldog."
City kitty
Woman city police officer
"You got a city kitty at the next corner up here."
Clean shot
No highway patrol around
"Large Car you got a clean shot all the way to the state line."
Coal Bucket
Dump Trailer
"Goin' up Rte. 61 in PA, better watch for them coal buckets."
Return call or repeat
"Can I get a come back on that smokey report."
Median strip
"You got a smokey in the comedian taking pictures."
Comic book
Truck driver's log book
"The chicken coops checking comic books this morning."
Corn flakes
A Consolidated Freightway truck
"Can I get a smokey report there corn flakes."
County Mounty
Highway patrol
"You got a county mounty advertising at the 34."
Covered wagon
Gravel trailer covered with a tarp
"There's a line of sand truck in this destruction up ahead."
Truck driver who constantly changes lanes at high speeds
"We got a bunch of real cowboys out on the road tonight."
Crotch rocket
"That crotch rocket better slow down or we're gonna have to call the meat wagon."
Cub scouts
Sheriff's deputies
"Cub Scouts at the 97 so you better watch out."


Darktime" or "Dark 30
"I am shutting this rig down right at darktime."
Road construction
"Seem's like all the roads in pennsylvania are always under destruction."
Dirty town
New York City
"I got a load of garbage going to dirty town."
Do it to it
Speed up
"Now that we're on the boulevard lets do it to it."
Double harley
Putting the CB on channel 11
"Anyone looking to buy a good C.B. take it to the double harley."
Double nickel
Traveling at 55 MPH
"I sure got tired of running the double nickle."
Down stroke
A hill going down
"You can put her in georgia overdrive on the downstroke."
Dragon fly
A truck with no power
"Drag 'er up one side of the hill, let 'er fly down the other"
Dragon Wagon
Tow truck
"Looks like that bulldog is gonna need a dragon wagon."
Dry box
Freight trailer
"I pulled both skateboards and dry boxes."


Ears on
CB is turned on
"Any smokeys out there with their ears on."
Truck stop Cafe
"It's been so long since I stopped at the eat em up that my stomach thinks my throats been slashed."
Eighteen wheeler
A truck with 18 wheels
"If you got it an 18-wheeler brought it."
Evil Kenivel
Motorcycle cop
"There's an Evil Kenivel taking pictures at the 38."
"Southbound skateboard you have an eyeball out."


Fat load
Overload, carrying more weight than local state law allows
"Better not be running at fat load, cause the coops are open and checking ground pressure this morning."
Feed the bears
Receive a ticket
"Looks like that chicken hauler likes to feed the bears."
"Anybody got there flappers on out there?"
Flip flop
Trucker's return trip
"I'll catch you on the flip flop."
Fog lifter
Interesting CB'er
"She sure was a real foglifter."
Four wheeler
Passenger car or pickup
"Looks like smokey is giving that four wheeler and invitation."
A Freightliner truck
"We're gonna buy all new freightshakers next year."
Front door
Lead rig in convoy of trucks
"Who's gonna run front door and be bear bait tonight?"


Produce (bananas,lettuce etc.)
"I sure am glad I'm not takin this load of garbage to Hunt's Point."
A speeding trucker
"We got us a real gearjammer in that eastbound lane."
A trucker who's known to accelerate and decelerate a lot
"Better watch out there's a real gearjammer in the granny lane."
General Mess of Crap
GMC trucks by Volvo/White
"I used to drive a general mess of crap."
Georgia overdrive
Neutral gear
"You put her in Georgia overdrive on the downstroke."
Getting out
Being heard on the c.b.
"Can anyone tell me if my c.b. is getting out?"
Go to the Harley
Putting your CB on channel 1
"This channel's too busy, lets take it to the Harley."
Going horizontal
Going to sleep
"At darktime I'm goin horizontal."
Got your ears on?
Used when asking for someone on the CB
"Hey, J.B. you got your ears on?"
Gouge on it
Go faster, speed it up
"Once I get on the boulevard I'm gonna gouge on it."
Median strip or side of road
"We got a four wheeler broke down in the grass at the 211 yardstick."
Green stamp road
Toll Road
"Can anyone tell me if 76 is a greenstamp road?"
Green stamps
Money paid in fines (dollars)
"Looks like the chicken coops are collecting plenty of green stamps today."


Gas pedal
"When we get past this parking lot we can really press the hammer."
Hammer down
Driving fast
"We got a southbound smokey with the hammer down."
Slang names used on the c.b.
"What's your handle there CRST?"
Harvey Wallbanger
Reckless driver
"That 4-wheeler is a real harvey wallbanger."
Female county or state police officer
"Just passed a honeybear in a tijuana taxi takin' pictures."


Idiot box
T.V. set
"When I get home I'm gonna buy me a new idiot box."
In the grass
Pulled over in a median strip
"We got a smokey in the grass."
Traffic tickets
"You got a smokey at the 57 yardstick giving out invitations."


Juvenile delinquent
Someone pretending to be a truck driver
"Let's take it to the double Harley ther's too many juvenile deliquents on this channel."


Kenosha Cadillac
Any AMC car
"I sure don't see many kenosha cadillacs anymore."


"It is hard to find a landline when you need one."
Extra powerful amplifier used to increase CB transmitter output
"I want to buy me a million watt linear."
Local Yokel
City police officer
"That town up ahead is crawling with local yokels."
Local Yokel with a Customer
City police officer with someone pulled over
"You've got a local yokel with a customer on your side."


Make the trip?
Is transmission being received
"Did my signal make the trip?"
Mile markers
Small signs on interstate highways
"We got a smokey at mile marker 156."
Highway cloverleaf
"You got a parking lot on the mix-master up ahead."
Motor city
Detroit, Michigan
"I need me a load goin to motor city."


On the side
Pulled over on the shoulder
"You got a 4-wheeler on the side up ahead."
One eyed monster
T.V. set
"I think my kids would die if the one-eyed-monster broke."
Over your shoulder
Behind you
"How's it look over your shoulder?"


Pickle Park
Rest area
"I don't often park overnight in the pickle parks."
Pickle Park Pinger
A CB with a roger-beep
"I don't care much for them pickle park pingers."
Pick-up truck, light truck
"Watch out for that pickum-up truck broke down in the right lane."
Picture machine
"Watch out for the picture machine at the corner of 9th and Wilcox."
Picture taker
Police with radar
"There's a picture taker at the 27 mile marker."
Plain wrapper
Unmarked police car
"Plain wrapper sitting at the 57 taking pictures."
Pregnant roller skate
"Better get over, we got a pregnant roller skate trying to merge ahead."
Pumpkin Driver
A driver for Schneider National
"There's a pumpkin driver ahead."
Put the pedal to the metal
Accelerate, speed up
"Let's put the petal to the metal."


Rake the leaves
Last vehicle in a string
"Looks like I get to rake the leaves tonight."
Ratchet jaw
Non-stop talker
"He sure was a ratchet jaw."
"Can you read me there Baylor."
Roadside rest area
"Can anyone tell me where the next eastbound rest-em-up is?"
"I want to buy me a new rig next year."
"Rocking chair
Vehicle between 2 trucks
"Who we got in the rocking chair tonight."
Roger Beep
An add-on device for CB's that beeps when the mike key is pressed or released
"How much did that roger beep cost ya?"
"Roller skate
Small car
"We got a roller skate broke down in the left lane so watch out."
Rolling parking lot
Automobile transport
"Who's that in the rolling parking lot southbound."


Seat covers
Attractive women in vehicles
"Look at the seatcovers in that westbound rollerskate."
Shake the leaves
See what's ahead
"I guess it's my turn to shake the leaves."
Shakey town
Los Angeles, California
"I'm on a mission to shakey town."
Shiny side
Top of the trailer
"Keep your shiny side up and your rubber side down"
Skate Board
A flatboard trailer
"Wish I was pulling a skateboard instead of this drybox"
Smokey on four legs
Mounted police
"Ther's a smokey on four legs at the next corner."
Sweeping leaves
Bringing up the rear
"Who's that sweeping leaves behind me?"
A customized bus used to carry entertainers form venue to venue
"Wonder if Faith Hill is in that stagecoach?"


Thermos bottle
Tanker truck
"We just bought fifteen new thermos bottle's."
Tijuana taxi
Well marked police car
"There's a tijuana taxi about a mile ahead."
Tin can
CB radio
"I have to get a new tin can at the next truckstop."
Train station
Traffic court that fines everyone
"Get out your money traffic court is a real train station today."
Two wheeler
"We got a two wheeler coming up fast in the left lane."


What's your 20?
Asking for location
"Whats your 20 there New Penn."
Walked over
Over powered by a stronger c.b. signal
"Come back on that someone walked all over you."
Willy weaver
Drunk driver
"Watch out for the willy weaver in the granny lane."
Blabbermouth trucker
"That Hunt driver was a real windjammer."
Window wash
A rainstorm
"The news said we can expect a window wash later today."


Mile markers on the road side
"There's a smokey advertising at the 75 yardstick."
You got a copy on me?
Do you hear me?
"You got a copy on me there eastbounder?"


Highway patrol headquarters
"Better be careful the zoo is empty tdd>

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