Oklahoma Department of Transportation


Overload Permits

Dept. of Public Safety
Size and Weight Permit Div.
PO Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0415
  Size and Weight Permits Div.

Oklahoma Trucking Association

P.O. Box 14620
Oklahoma City, OK 73113

Trip Permits

State Tax Commission
Motor Vehicle Div.
2501 Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73194

Pay Fuel Tax

State Tax Commission
Motor Fuel Div.
2501 Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73194

Other Phone Numbers

Office of Motor Carriers: 405-945-6047
Oversize/Overweight Permits: 405-425-2390
Hazardous Materials Permits: 405-271-5338
Vehicle Registration: 405-521-3036
Motor Fuel Tax Office: 405-521-3246
CDL Licensing Information: 405-425-2056

Other Web Sites

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 Traffic Information
 State of Oklahoma
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