South Carolina Department of Transportation

955 Park Street
P.O. Box 191
Columbia, SC 29202-0191

Overload Permits

Dept. of Transportation
Oversized Permit Section
PO Box 19 1, Annex 3
Columbia, SC 29202

South Carolina Trucking Association

2425 Devine Street
PO Box 50166
Columbia, SC 29250-0166

Trip Permits

Dept. of Revenue
PO Box 125
Columbia, SC 29214

Pay Fuel Tax

South Carolina Dept. of
Public Safety
Motor Carrier Services
PO Box 1498
Columbia, SC 29216-0027

Other Phone Numbers

Office of Motor Carriers: 803-224-8202
Oversize/Overweight Permits: 803-737-1279
Hazardous Materials Permits: 803-731-1437
Vehicle Registration: 803-737-6620
Motor Fuel Tax Office: 803-737-4872
CDL Licensing Information: 803-343-0761

Other Web Sites

Construction/Road Closures
 Emergency/Weather Road Closures
 Real-Time Traffic
 State of South Carolina

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