Newbies - Approaching

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What you are looking for in a company may be different from another driver. Before talking to recruiters, take the time to make a list of your priorities. What are your needs, and what income do you need to pull in each month? Remember the company you end up driving for should treat you as a professional. They should have your best interests in mind and offer proper benefit and retirement packages.

    Preliminary questions:
    • Is orientation paid, are transportation, meals and lodging covered
    • What if I attend orientation and decide your company is not for me
    • Will I be trained with one of your experienced drivers
    • What is training pay and how long is training
    • Is there a waiting list for trainers
    • What if my trainer and I have a personality conflict
    • I am a female driver; do you have female trainers
    • What are the minimum and maximum time I can be with a trainer
    • If my trainer thinks I am ready to run on my own, but I don't feel ready, will that be accommodated

    • In what areas of the country does your company operate?
    • Do you have separate divisions for different types of equipment
    • Are regional or dedicated positions available to me as a new driver

    • What type of equipment is in your fleet
    • What is the age (or mileage) of average tractor
    • Does your company slip seat drivers (change trucks often)

    • Average income earned by a 1st year driver, 2nd year and so on
    • What is starting pay and does it increase with mileage or time
    • If paid percentage, what's normal for someone with my experience
    • Does your company offer direct deposit
    • Are advances against loads allowed
    • How long will it be before my first paycheck
    • What sort of bonuses are offered and can a driver really achieve them
    • How are the bonuses set up, monthly, quarterly, yearly

    • What insurance benefits are company paid
    • Medical, dental, optical
    • Flex-pay and dependant care accounts
    • How soon can insurance be put in place
    • Do you have a 401k or retirement plan, matching funds
    • Do you have life insurance
    • What is the vacation benefit

    • How often do your drivers get home
    • Does this apply to my place of residence
    • How are family emergencies handled
    • Can I take my truck home if I can provide secure parking

    • Will I be required to unload
    • If so what is the percentage of driver off-loads
    • Does your company pay for "lumpers" (someone to unload)
    • Do you use Qualcomm or similar equipment for dispatch
    • Does your company use electronic logs
    • If I have a problem with my driver manager who do I turn to
    • What is the driver turnover rate and are exit reviews completed
    • What are the top reasons for drivers leaving company

    • Discounted phone cards
    • CabCard email
    • Voice mail
    • Company newsletters
    • Website
    • Family support programs
    • Is there a rider policy and are there time and age restrictions