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Perhaps the most important aspect of a driver's career is their official record. These records include the Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), employment references and the DAC employment report. Of these, perhaps one of the most important is the DAC employment report. Recruiters review the DAC employment report almost immediately after discussing employment with a prospective driver, and this can make or break the chances of them offering the driver a job. It is absolutely necessary to be informed about the DAC employment report and how it can affect you.

What Is It?
What exactly is a DAC employment report? This report is essentially a detailed summary record of your employment history. Most carriers now participate in the DAC system by sharing and receiving information on drivers. Carriers use the information on the reports to evaluate prospective employees or contractors, and to verify employment information provided by the applicant.

The DAC employment reports are quite detailed and provide good insight on a prospective driver. Information such as number of accidents, reason for quitting or being terminated, rehire eligibility, type of driving, trailer types pulled, commodities hauled and other information is all a part of the report. Additional reports can be provided by DAC, if requested, to verify social security numbers, driver's license numbers, criminal reports, workman's compensation reports and other necessary reports. The most important report, however, is the DAC employment report--your employment history.

Reviewing Your Report
It is absolutely essential that all drivers know what is contained on their DAC employment report. It is just like a credit report, a necessary evil that must be maintained and validated for correct information. Remember, all information put into the DAC system is done by human hands so errors will occur. In addition, it is important to maintain a level of fair reporting by previous employers. You, as a driver, must take the time to review your report and make the necessary corrections.

How can you find out what is on your DAC employment report? First, to receive a copy of the DAC report, call the DAC Consumer Department at 1-800-381-0645 and ask for a copy. DAC also has a web site,, which can provide information as well, although you will not be able to access your DAC employment report online. Once you have a copy of the DAC, review it. Chances are the information will be correct, but if it is not, it is time to act. If you find incorrect information you should start by contacting the applicable employer and request a correction, and the employer will likely be willing to correct any incorrect information.

However, if the information is correct, but negative, you may want to submit a driver rebuttal. A driver rebuttal is essentially your statement of the facts as you see them. This rebuttal will be placed on the report along with the employer's information. You may enter a rebuttal for each entry on your DAC employment report, but this is not necessarily a good idea. Try to use rebuttals only when necessary--too many rebuttals on a report will raise a red flag to recruiters.

By keeping up with what your official DAC record says, you are taking a big step in managing your career. Check the report on a regular basis, at least annually, to verify that it is a positive reflection of your employment. Remember, the DAC is the first thing a prospective employer reviews about you.