Newbies - Geography - New England

Boston is where the fight for American Independence from Britain began with revolutionaries like Ben Franklin, Sam Adams and Paul Revere. Historical buildings still stand from the 1600's. Among the city's well-known landmarks is the Cheers Bar on Beacon Street from the TV hit series Cheers.

Before heading into Boston, have good maps of the area. If you have to go downtown, the roads are tricky. It's an old city and the streets meander. They are not laid out in a grid-like pattern.

In the past several years, industrial regions have been moved into outlaying areas of the city. Most deliveries are in suburban areas and it's pretty rare to have to go downtown. Fortunately, you'll probably never have to negotiate the inner-city streets.

Bostonians are aggressive drivers. They're very quick and pushy. Don't be offended. That's simply the way they drive. Hold your place and drive your best to fit in, without breaking any laws. As with any heavy traffic area, avoid rush hour if at all possible.

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