Newbies - Geography - Southeast

A city of diverse cultures, Miami draws visitors and delights locals with its year-round sunny weather, glistening beaches and sizzling nightlife. It's a popular departure point for cruise ships, being close to the Bahamas. Tall buildings draw a dramatic skyline along the coast and make a striking silhouette at sunset.

Miami is known for drug traffic and escaping fugitives. Officials will probably check you and your load carefully.

The streets are very tight and narrow in the city. Vegetation islands in the middle of the street have overflowing plants, shrubs and trees. Watch overhead. Trees are not usually trimmed and you could damage the top of your tractor-trailer.

Since much of the deliveries to south Florida are food, you may have to unload at a food warehouse. These can be some of the worst delivery points. You might end up waiting for hours. Some places require your goods to be taken off your palettes and restacked on theirs. Be prepared to pay lumpers.

Be very cautious when driving in the city. Use locks on your trailer doors not just a seal. Avoid bad neighborhoods. Use a map and thoroughly plan your route before you go in.

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