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CMH Industries, Inc. Announces New Fuel Additive

2008-01-10 20:43:40

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CMH Industries, Inc. has introduced a fuel additive that increases fuel efficiency and lubricity, while decreasing toxic emissions. The additive, CA-40, is truly unique in that there is no other product on the market that works like it.

Unlike other additives, CA-40 is not a solvent or conditioner, but a combustion enhancer. It doesn’t affect cetane or octane, but changes the burn of the fuel. And although tests have shown an increase in lubricity of nearly 200% in gas and over 300% in ultra-low sulfur diesel, CA-40 doesn’t work by lubricating the engine. Calcium is one of the key ingredients in CA-40, and is kept in suspension in fuel via the blending process used in the creation of the additive. When CA-40 is added to fuel, the calcium bonds to the hydrocarbons, causing a more efficient burn. The result is a longer, stronger push on the piston, causing an increase in horsepower.

Emissions are also reduced by CA-40 because more of the hydrocarbons are burned in the cylinder. In particular, tests have shown a consistently dramatic decrease in Nitrogen Oxide emissions with CA-40. By adding just one ounce of CA-40 per 15-20 gallons of fuel, most users report a reduction of fuel consumption averaging 10-15%. CA-40 has been tested and shown results in diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, and ethanol-based fuels.

Despite the exciting possibilities presented by CA-40’s dramatic effect on pollution, the bottom line for most consumers is the savings at the pump. Hillsboro, ND farmer Jason Seigert tested CA-40 in three of his John Deere tractors and was astounded to see an average reduction in fuel consumption of 15%. After a full year of using the additive, he estimates his farm has used 3,200 fewer gallons of fuel than in the previous year. nderson Bus Company owner Ted Anderson of Frazee, Minnesota has seen a net savings of $1,100 in fuel costs every three weeks, and Michael Hough of Hough Incorporated, based in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, is impressed with a gain of “at least 10%” in fuel economy in his on-road trucks.

The story of CA-40 is as unique as the product itself. Invented by a retired airline pilot in March of 1994, the new invention languished in obscurity until the inventor was introduced to a Detroit Lakes, MN-based investor, who pent three years testing the product and securing a patent.

A single salesman was hired in the fall of 2006, and began selling the product by literally going door-to-door, visiting armers in North Dakota and trying to convince them to try the unheard-of product he was selling. Progress was slow, but as individual farmers tried it and found success, word spread. Sales increased steadily until the product was given regional attention via a local radio call-in show. Momentum gained until May of 2007, when the product was featured on a nationally-broadcast radio talk show, introducing millions of listeners to CA-40.

Since then, sales of CA-40 have reached into seven digits, with over 450 distributors in the United States, Canada, Sweden and Japan. It is sold in quart and gallon quantities. CA-40 is produced at CMH Industries’ production facility, located in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.