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Even in Tough Economy Barr-Nunn Drivers Earn Raises and Bonuses

2009-03-12 16:15:55

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Granger IA. - Barr-Nunn is regarded as one of the country’s best managed truckload carriers. The company has a reputation for respecting its drivers, working diligently to anticipate and meet their needs, and for its outstanding benefits and pay packages.

Throughout 2008 and into 2009 Barr-Nun drivers continue to earn more money. While other companies are freezing pay for their drivers, Barr-Nunn is continuing with it's history of it's drivers and Owner-Operators controlling their own pay raises.

For every 60,000 paid miles, Barr-Nunn drivers earn a half cent pay increase as long as they meet certain safety criteria.

At 120,000 paid miles, Barr-Nunn hazmat endorsed company drivers receive a half cent pay increase for longevity with the company. This longevity raise has no qualifier on it.

On top of this each, Barr-Nunn Company driver and Owner-Operator earns an Appreciation Bonus every 60,000 paid miles. The bonuses range from $625 to $1225 for Company drivers and from $775 to $1125 for Owner-Operators. These bonuses have no qualifier on them as well; they are paid to show Barr-Nunn's Appreciation of the hard working men and women who service their customer’s day in and day out.

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