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By Rex Evilsizor

I am a retired Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Investigator with more than 45 years in transportation. For the past 11 years I have been a transportation consultant assisting those who would like to get their own motor carrier or broker authority. Send me your questions and I will use my expertise and knowledge to answer them.


We are in a unique position as a trucking company. We are very small (a 1-ton dually and a 28-foot flatbed). We haul under 26,000-pounds GVW. We are looking to fill hotshot and LTL loads on an infrequent basis (we have other jobs). We do, however, have ICC/DOT operating authority. Do we need to worry about SSRS and/or IFTA? How do we keep driver logs up to date when we may not have a load for a week or more at a time?


If you are under 26,000 with 2 axles you do not need IFTA. However, if your vehicle has wheels and you have an MC number, you MUST have SSRS. Your logs must be kept up to date when you are over 10,000 pounds. You will have to keep track of your jobs even if they are weeks apart. You may have to indicate on the logbook that two weeks ago (use date) was your last job.



What is the hottest state right now for a trucker? In other words, what state would be the best place for me to lease my truck onto a carrier? Also, what material has the most movement right now? Lumber, liquid coal, etc.


The hottest state would be somewhere where there are a lot of manufacturing plants: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and California to name a few. It would also depend on the type of trailer you have. Commodities such as autos, boats, Hazmat and lumber require special equipment and command good revenues. Leasing to someone would also be a matter of where you want to go and exactly what you want to transport. Some operators do not want to go to North Dakota as there are no return loads. By your question, it appears that you do not have a trailer. Check out several carriers and ask questions at truck stops. What is best today is not best tomorrow. Rates change due to many, many factors.



What is a BOC and is it required for brokers and/or common carriers to have this?


The BOC-3 is required for everyone in the trucking industry. The BOC-3 is also called the "Process Agent Form." This must be on file with the FMCSA before authority is granted. For the motor carrier, a copy must be sent to the state where their SSRS was filed. The BOC-3 is required for brokers, motor carriers, freight forwarders, bus companies, MX carriers, private and exempt.

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Rex Evilsizor & Associates specializes in filing motor carrier authorities (both freight and passenger) with the Federal Highway Administration. Rex is a retired ICC investigator (Special Agent) and Licensed Insurance Agent with more than 49 years of transportation experience.

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